For the experts in network design in Melbourne

At Fibrelink Communications we have a specialised team ready to provide you with a unique network design, specifically suited to your needs

We understand here at Fibrelink Communications in Melbourne that purchasing computer equipment, software and communication related tools can be expensive, and therefore finding the right company and team of people to work with on your unique network design is important to you. At Fibrelink Communications we pride ourselves on our level of service, most of our business is by referral, and we tend to develop long term partnerships with our customers, from installation to an ongoing commitment to updating and maintenance.

Experts in network design in Melbourne


The team here at Fibrelink Communications are experts in network design, so whether you're a big or small company in Melbourne you can rest assured that our team are fully experienced to provide you with expert service. Our team are constantly updating their skills and knowledge, so you can be assured of receiving advice based on the latest technology.

Consultative approach

At Fibrelink Communications our team based in Melbourne will work with you to find the right solution depending on your needs, location and budget. The team here have years of experience in purchasing computer equipment and designing network designs, you can be sure that their consultative approach will make you feel confident in your investment.


Here at Fibrelink Communications we understand that when it comes to business, times means money - and so that's why you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast our team can provide you with the equipment and associated network design installations. We'll agree with you a time on how long it will take, and you can guarantee, the team here in Melbourne will deliver on that.