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Data Cabling & Fibre Optics in Melbourne

Guaranteeing your business a quality product, combined with outstanding service

Fibrelink Communications is one of the most prominent computer equipment and data cabling companies in Melbourne. We specialise in selling computer hardware, software, and communications-related tools to clients in the commercial sector. With a wide range of products and services, our responsible consultants will help you choose the equipment that's best for your business. Our organisation offers efficient network installation, ongoing technical support, and on-site repairs throughout Melbourne to ensure you'll never miss possible business opportunities. 

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Our services

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Network installation
  • Personalised consultancy
  • Cable management products (fibre-optic and wireless networks)
  • Telecommunications cabling
  • Design and installation of computer rooms
  • Ongoing repairs 
  • Guaranteed products
  • Data Cabling

We pride ourselves on delivering a level of service that stands out above all our competitors, ensuring our clients complete satisfaction. 

About us

Our team of expert staff in Melbourne are fully qualified to ensure you get the best technological equipment for your business. We personalise your experience so that you get exactly what your company needs, at an affordable price. 

We have a fleet of dedicated technicians who will professionally install and maintain your computer system, so your business can keep running efficiently. We manage your computer equipment and network at a high level, delivering a premium service that is unrivalled. Call us today.